CarpetCycle: The Next Step Toward a Greener Tomorrow


CarpetCycle: The Next Step Toward a Greener Tomorrow

Did you know in the United States alone, an estimated four-billion tons of carpet enters the waste stream each year?

As landfill capacity continues to decline, it’s clear there is a social necessity and responsibility to recycle and reuse carpet – an effort that has the power to not only positively impact our environment by minimizing greenhouse gases and conserving valuable energy, but our economy by creating green jobs and reducing waste management tax rates incurred by improper carpet disposal.

That’s why our mission at CarpetCycle is a simple one: find uses for post-consumer carpet and divert a valuable
non-degradable, non-renewable resource from landfills. Since our inception in Dover, N.J., in 1999
  , we’ve propelled this mission by providing commercial building owners/operators, developers, property managers, carpet retailers, installers and home owners services   to safely remove, collect and recycle commercial and residential carpet and post-consumer building materials (including ceiling tiles, gypsum wallboard, fluorescent lights and VCT floor tile).

Today, more than 200-million pounds of diverted carpet later, we continue to prove the true meaning of green building at our new, 55,000-square foot hallmark facility in Newark, N.J. Servicing the Eastern Seaboard from Washington, D.C. to Maine, we look forward to taking our mission to the next level with innovative recycling technologies to preserve the future of our planet.  

Partner with us to make an environmental difference by calling 973-732-4858, emailing a member of our executive team or visiting us in person. We look forward to hearing from you – and working together – to create a greener tomorrow, today.

Closing the Loop: Quiet-Tech recycled acoustic insulation

CarpetCycle's newest venture Quiet-Tech, is a great product that achieves closing the recycling loop. Quiet-Tech is a recycled acoustic insulation product made up of 90% recycled materials. Quiet-Tech is a UL Greenguard Gold Certified product for ultra low emmissions. It carries a Class A Fire Rating and is Resistant to Mold and Mildew. This Eco-Friendly product contains no formaldehyde as well as no fiberglass, making it safer for installers to work with.

Quiet-Tech: batts are designed and manufactured in New Jersey using a blend of recycled carpet, recyced cotton and PET fibers that perform excellently as an acoustic insulator. Quiet-Tech recycled acoustic insulation is a great "green" product. 


Download our brochure for more information on our services.

For more information on the acoustical ceiling tile recycling program.

Quiet-Tech Recycled Acoustic Insulation : Data Sheet 


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