Quiet-Tech: Eco-Friendly Acoustic Insulation

CarpetCycle's newest venture is one we are very excited about, as it provides a great outlet to "close the recycling loop"

What is Quiet-Tech?

An acoustic batt insulation made up of 90% recycled materials, Class A Fire rated, and UL Greenguard Gold Certified. This Eco-friendly product works as a acoustic and thermal insulator for walls, ceiling and attics. 

How Does it Work?

Quiet-Tech Insulation offers soundproofing capabilities that help reduce two types of noise:

  1. Deafening Sound Transmission from space to space. Batts placed between wood/metal studs and behind walls or ceilings. 
  2. Sound Absorbtion: 95% of all soundwaves that come in contact with Quiet-Tech will be absorbed. A very effective product for soundproofing any space.

Better Than The Rest

Go Green! Quiet-Tech is made with recycled materials, compared to other insulation products that use 'virgin' materials which drain our natural resources.

Better Acoustic Performance: Quiet-Tech's high acoustic performances rate 20-30% higher than traditional insulation materials. 

"Go Green Without Costing You an Arm and Leg"

One of the main reasons people choose to not buy eco-friendly product today is MONEY!! Here are a couple reasons why Quiet-Tech won't put a hole in your wallet, and may save youu some 'green' in the long run. 

1) Cost Competitive Eco-Friendly Option

  • Cost competetive with traditional fiberglass and mineral wool insulation products. 
  • No need to hire professional installers. Quiet-Tech batts are easy to install even for the "Average Joe" home owner. 

2) Reuse or Recycle At End of Life-Cycle. 

  • Quiet-Tech is capable of drying itself after water damage occurs. Other insulation materials will be ruined after water absorption. 
  • Other materials are easily containated by debris at the end of their life cycle, making it very difficult to recycle or reuse. Quiet-Tech's specielty airlaid manufacturing process makes contaminenets and debris difficult to penetrate. 

3) Friction Fit: No addhesives needed!

  • Don't spend extra money on staples or glue.
  • Custom manufactured orders to fit perfectly in any wall.

4) Comfort and Health

Most organization's main expense will be related to employees heath. 

  • No formaldehyde or VOCs mean that microbial components of the insulation won't negatively effect anyone's health. (installers and end-users)

5) Effective Communication

All organizations need to have good communication in order to work effectively.

  • The best way to improve sending and recieving messages is to REDUCE OUTSIDE NOISE. This is what Quiet-Tech was designed for!!


3rd Party Certifications:

Quiet-Tech HPD

UL Greenguard Gold - Quiet-Tech

Compliance Testing

  • ASTM C518 (Thermal Conductivity: R-Value (2") 6.7)
  • ASTM E84 (Surface Burning Characteristics; Class A)
  • ASTM C1338 (Resistant to Mold and Mildew: Passed)

Acoustical Performance Testing

  • STC (Sound Transmission Class) : ASTM E90-09
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) : ASTM C423 or ASTM E795


To recieve full test reports or for more information please contact:

info@carpetcycle.com or robert@carpetcycle.com