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Environmental awareness may be at an all-time high, but carpet still remains a hidden threat to our landfills. In fact, in the United States alone, only 10-12% of discarded carpeting is diverted from landfills each year. As landfill real estate continues to decline, CarpetCycle provides an environmentally – and budget friendly - alternative to demolition contracting, yielding benefits such as:

  • Conserving valuable energy: Because carpet is a petroleum-based product, recycling programs such as ours can help save more than 700,000 barrels of oil per year, conserving 4.4 trillion BTUs of energy.

  • Lightening the burden on landfills: Carpet is non-degradable, so when it enters our waste stream it can remain there for thousands of years. We combat the more than four-billion pounds of carpet entering the United States' waste stream each year by ensuring carpet materials are reused as new product instead.
  • Significant cost-savings: By providing streamlined reclamation services, we afford end-users up to 60-percent in cost savings compared to demolition contractors. By properly recycling carpet, townships can also see a reduction in waste management tax rates.
  • LEED®-accreditation: By partnering with us to recycle post-consumer carpet, commercial facilities can earn up to two LEED credits through LEEDv4 for Existing Buildings (LEED-EB) and LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI). Following reclamation of the carpet, a certificate and letter can be provided upon request, verifying the pounds of material diverted from the landfill.

Learn more about our services, which ensure the reclamation of post-consumer commercial and residential carpet, and building materials including ceiling tiles, gypsum wallboard, fluorescent lights and VCT floor tile, are easy and cost-effective for customers, and impactful on the environment:

Post-Consumer Carpet:

  • Residential drop-off services: We are currently not accepting residential drop-off at this time. 
  • Residential collection services: At this time our residential collection service is limited. Please call or email to inquire for more information.  
  • Rip-up contracting: CarpetCycle has built a strong reputation as a leading flooring removal and surface preparation company, with the ability to remove carpet, carpet-tile, VCT floor tile and ceramic flooring.

  • Our focus is customer service, and we will never leave our clients in a bad position regardless of any unexpected challenges. Many projects are time sensitive, an issue we can help resolve in a variety of ways, helping project managers with their scheduling constraints. We utilize specialized equipment and machines to help insure  we meet deadlines for even the most difficult recollection projects.  

  • Commercial Pickup Services: For customers who prefer to provide their own demo labor we can deliver materials required for recollection (ie. skids and plastic wrap for Carpet & Ceiling Tiles) in advance of a job and we can return when the material is ready for transportation. Ideally carpet tiles/ ceiling tiles will be put on stable pallets and shrink-wrapped. Broadloom carpet can be cut and rolled into widths 6 feet or less. Our box trucks have lift gates so we can pickup from locations that do not have loading docks.
  • Commercial Drop Offs: We do accept bulk loads of carpet and ACT at our facility in Newark.  Please Call/email the office for details and scheduling.
  • Removal of Acoustical Ceiling Tiles: CarpetCycle also specializes in removal of acoustic ceiling tiles (ACT). Our team has the knowledge & experiance to sepearate varieties of ACT, which may be present on site. Armstrong Ceiling requires clean asbestos reports for pre-certification of ACT. If  buildings do not have access to proper reports, we can provide our own professional insepctors who can evaluate potential projects.

The Leaders In Construction Waste Recycling:

  • Safe removal and recycling of acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT), gypsum wallboard (drywall), metal, vinyl composition tiles (VCT), glass, wood and fluorescent lights to further reduce landfill impact. Whenever possible we will deconstruct kitchen cabinets and office furniture, with the specific purpose of achieving the highest value for reuse or recycling.
  • Recycling Certification: All of the material that come through our facility are reused, recycled or downcycled to conform with USGBC standards for construction and demolition waste. Upon completion of a project we can provide a Letter of Indemnification or Recycling Certificate to show your material has been recycled.