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Knowledge is Power: CarpetCycle Offers Environmental Education to Reduce Building Footprints

Sean Ragiel, president and founder of CarpetCycle, recently delivered a CEU course focused on “Innovations in Carpet Recycling” at the New Jersey-based NeoCant Showcase, an event that brings together architects and designers from the local tri-state area. At the event, Ragiel discussed the innovative shearing technology CarpetCycle employs to achieve 99-percent nylon purity, which enables post-residential and post-commercial flooring to be safely recycled or reused as diverse end-use products, including new carpet yarns and auto parts.

On Oct. 23-24, CarpetCycle, a proud member of the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), also participated in the Ninth Annual Entrepreneur Meeting to discuss the state of the industry and best practices for carpet recycling, propelling CARE’s mission to advance market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of post-consumer carpet and encourage design for recyclability.

By taking part in both these conferences as well as those such as National Plastics Expo (NPE); Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR), and the annual CARE Conference, CarpetCycle hopes to impart the economic, social and environmental benefits of carpet diversion and recycling amongst key stakeholders and end-users.