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CarpetCycle completes largest single recycling job on Earth

In 2019 CapetCycle completed one of the largest recycling jobs on the planet, as our team removed, transported, and recycled over 1 Million pounds of material from a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan that was scheduled for complete demolition. Our laborers all underwent strict background checks to be a part of this project, all of our team members obtained Secure Worker Access Consortium certifications. As well as adhering to the strictest safety regulations as part of the large demolition team tearing down the building. Our workers not only had to obtain SWAC cards, as well as OSHA 30 cards, and NYC approved Department of Building Scaffolding cards, but also pass 12 panel drug tests. On this particular project time was more valuable than money and our team worked hard and fast to stay ahead of the other trades tasked with tearing down this building. 

Our mission was clear, pull out as much carpet tile, broadloom carpet, acoustical ceiling tiles, lights and grid, over more than 50 floors, before the hard demo could take place.

The building owners and senior project management were all for recycling so long as it did not slow down the ambitious schedule at all. Because of the dedication and hard work of our team, we were able to stay ahead of the much larger demo crews and finished our work safely and in record time. 

In total we were able to recycle over:

  • 514,000 pounds of carpet tiles
  • 459,000 pounds of acoustical ceiling tiles
  • 62,000 pounds of broadloom carpet
  • 317,000 pounds of metal and lights
  • 25,550 pounds of gypsum wallboard.

Before we finished our work, our team even took on the hard demolition of raised flooring cable trays and the building’s complex and well-built server room. That work alone took 2 weeks after which we were able to access the final area of ceiling tile, lights and grid. 

All in all this was the project of a lifetime, because it is not too often than an entire modern skyscraper is demolished, with significant sustainable outcomes.

Ripping up well glued carpet tiles with our small machine. 
Hard demo in the server room.
Scaffolds and acoustical ceiling tile removal. 
Server room demolition.
Another skids of carpet tile heading to our truck. 
First step is taking up the carpet tiles.
Ride on machine removing "doublestick" carpet and well glued black padding around furniture.
CarpetCycle crew on coffee break.
CarpetCycle team member leading the morning"Stretch and Flex" exercise for the whole job. 
The view from the top. 

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