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House Flipping: Tips from the Experts

How can the innovative use of recycled carpeting and clothing as insulation material contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of home renovations?

“One of the best ways to make your house more energy efficient is to insulate it from the elements. And one of the best insulations to choose for your home is made from recycled carpet and textile fibers, materials which are often disposed of in landfills.

CarpetCycle’s innovative product Quiet Tech Insulation is designed to friction fit in between the wall cavity, establishing an effective barrier between your living space and the outside noise and temperature. Insulating your home with a quality product will both lower your heating and cooling bills and also make your home feel more comfortable.

Quiet Tech is class A fire rated and SCS indoor air quality certified, so you can be confident in knowing that this insulation is safe, to breath and touch and it won’t cause you to itch like fiberglass insulation. Quiet Tech batt insulation won’t sag after it is installed, so you can be sure it will still offer complete coverage once it is hidden behind your walls, ceilings or floors. And by choosing a product made from recycled materials you will be lowering your home’s carbon footprint as well as helping to preserve the environment for future generations.”

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