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CarpetCycle Celebrates 15 Years on the Job

"CarpetCycle, New Jersey’s only carpet recycling facility, has not only been operating at its new facility in Newark since 2012, but has been operating in the State of New Jersey for the past 15 years!  In this time, the company has been able to keep over 200 million pounds of carpeting out of landfills and has become the Northeast’s largest carpet recycling operation.  Once processed through CarpetCycle’s separation system, carpet materials can be given “second life” as new carpet yarns for clothing and textiles, auto parts and even racetracks.  CarpetCycle recycles both residential and commercial carpeting, including carpet tiles, as well as ceiling tiles through the Armstrong Company’s recycling program.  For further information, visit"

-The New Jersey WasteWise Bulliten 

@CarpetCycleApr 26

With the world drowning in plastic, the need for recycling is more acute than ever. But the industry that handles a…