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Study Supports Growth and Importance of Green Building

The report, "The Drive Toward healthier Buildings 2016" highlights how design and construction is trending towards creating buildings that help improve the mental and social wellbeing of a commercial building's occupants, according to a statement from the USBGC.

"Our world is confronting massive challenges that affect our physical, mental and social wellbeing" said Mahesh Ramanujam, chief operating officer of the USGBC, in a statement. "We know that programs like USGBC's LEED green building owners, architects, interior designers and contractors, and found that 67 percent of those surveyed are interested in designing or participating in the design or more sustainable buildings. Respondents believe designing more green buildings will not only benefit the environment, but also the people who occupy the buildings. In those same surveys, 64 percent of respondents identified air quality as the leading health feature that will be used in the next five years.

"We will continue to educate and push the market to prioritize human health in the built environment, which has benefits that extend beyond the building itself to the cities, communities and neighborhoods where we live," said Ramanujam in a statement. 

According to the study, the top five healthy-building features currently in use are better lighting exposure, products that enhance thermal comfort, spaces that enhance social interaction, enhanced air quality and products that enhance acoustical comfort, according to the study.

"The increased attention to building health impacts is just beginning," said Stephen A. Jones, senior director of Industry Insights, Dodge Data & Analytics, in a statement. "In a similar way several years ago, companies engaged in green construction because of the demonstrable business and financial benefits they were able to achieve."

-Story by: Green Building News

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