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Recycling Food Waste Could Save UK Billions

Food manufacturers should recycle unavoidable food waste - products that were spoiled in the manufacturing process - claimed food waste disposal and waste management service ReFood commercial director Philip Simpson. Recycled food waste could be used to create renweable and sustainable biofertiliser, which was an "extremely valuable resource" he said. 

"Although immediate action is already being undertaken to reduce the volume of food wasted by the industry, there will always be a small percentage that cannot be eliminated," said Simpson. "This is where anarobic digestion must be prioritised."

"By doing so, we can make great strides towards eliminating food waste to landfill and help reach UK renweable energy targets." 

If we achieved zero food waste to landfill nationwide, we could generate 1.1 terrawatts of energy by 2020 - enough to power 102,000 homes for an hour - Simpson said. About 27 million fewer tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions would be generated, and there would be a huge economic benefit for the public secotr, he added. 

Simpson urged the entire food industry to work together in reducing food waste. 

"If we can encourage further activity to minimise waste and generate greater buy-in from across the food distribution industry, it will be possible to help alleviate the food waste crisis, while also recognising significant economic and environmental benefits" he said. 

By: Matt Atherton (Food Manufacture Co UK)

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