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Zerma ZCS Shredder Integrates Shredder and Granulator Technologies

Installing a recycling system for in-house scrap, such as rejected parts and purgings, into an existing location can be challenging. For this reason, Zerma, with headquarters in Shanghai and a U.S. office in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has developed a stacked shredder-granulator combination. 

Zerma, a leading supplier of size reduction equipment to the plastics industry, has been develping and producing granulators and shredders for more than 50 years. 

The ZCS series combines the proven design and high torque of the ZERMA single-shaft shredder with a highly efficient granulator, according to the company, providing a compact size reduction system. 

The shredder and granulator are individually driven, allowing for better control of the complete process, ZERMA says. The shredder is driven via a gearbox on the shaft end on one side of the rotor. The granulator is driven by a seperate belt drive. To increase efficiency, a Zerma Smart Drive system is used to contantly monitor the load and adjust the current accordingly to redice electricity consumption.

Equipped with a hydraulically operated ram, the shredder feeds the material automatically into the rotor's currting chamber by load related controls. The hydraulic system is equipped with high-pressure valves and volumetric flow controls that are set to the demands of the input materials. 

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