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EcoStrate Receives Annual Award for Generating Products Using Hard-To-Recycle Waste

Similar to CarpetCycle, EcoStrate flips the script, recognizing that durability and resilience of certain polymer types in landfills that make these items difficult to recycle. EcoStrate then transforms these problematic plastics into long-lasting, durable signage and flooring. Even better, EcoStrate does it with little impact on the environment. You may have even seen some of their work! EcoStrate's doctor's office, bathroom, street and address signs along with flooring and underplants are cheaper, more durable and more responsible than their traditional steel and aluminum predecessors. 

A closer look at the award-presenters: The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, also known as ISRI, defines itself as "the voice of the recycling industry, promoting safe, economically sustainale and environmentally responsible recycling through networking, advocacy, and education." The ISRI has formed a cohesive, member-run collaboration including 1,300 companies across 34 nations, all dedicated to finding innovations in recycling. 

Before earning the Design for Recycling Award for their creativity, EcoStrate was recognized by Walmart and has since won a grant from CalRecycle for their Award to Fight Global Warming. EcoStrate hopes to continue their mission to create products from 100% post-consumer scraps on a global-scale. 

Think your product has what it takes to be recongized for the Design Recycling Award? Read these tips from the ISRI's website to see if your team qualifies:

  • Contain the maximum amount of materials that are recyclable.
  • Be easily recycled through current or newly designed recycling processes and procedures.
  • Be cost effective to recycle whereby the cost to recycle does not exceed the value of its recycled materials
  • Be free of hazerdous materials that are not recyclable or impede the recycling process.
  • Minimize the time and cost involved to recycle the product.
  • Reduce the use of raw materials by including recycled materials and/or components.
  • Have a net gain in the overall recyclability of the product while reducing the overall negative impact on the environment. 

By: Kathleen Holroyd


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