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Auditory Learning Styles & Quiet-Tech Insulation

Here are a couple of ways of how auditory learning can be advantagous. 

1) Multi-Tasking

Learning by ear helps individuals be flexible when trying to complete several tasks. Listening to audio recordings allows children and adults to process information without using their other senses. Multitasking can allow people to keep up with the tasks on a busy day, and consequentially more tasks will be done in a shorter time. 

2) Increased Retenion

Experts in auditory learning will often clain that a good listener has a higher likelyhood of remembering information. Audio recordings that are played repeatedly increase the possibility that the information is stored in the memory banks. 

3) Availability

In today's world most materials will be available in the market through the internet. This allows more people to access audio materials in any situation. 

Quiet-Tech Insulation

While auditory learning can be an advantagous technique, it does require quiet places to study. Using Quiet-Tech insulation between rooms can help keep study spaces quieter and decrease the sound transmission between spaces by HALF!!

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