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The Ultimate Fashion Fail: One Garbage Truck of Textiles Is Thrown Away Every Second

We need a new approach to how we can consume clothes if we want to prevent obscene volumes of waste, widespread exhaustion of critical resources and the toxic pollution of the environment, according to a new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

"The textiles industry is a huge industry employing more than 300 million people globally," says Rb Opsomer. "It's polluting. We found that the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles gets landfilled or burned every single second of the the year. 

Then there's the issue of what we're makng those textiles from. As much as 60% of our clothing is made from plastic, accordining to the report. The problem is, every time we wash our clothes, tiny plastic microfibers get released into the washing machine before escaping into the oceans, where they consumed by fish. It turns out we are eating and drinking these mircroplastics too. 

At the end of the along weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday mega-discounts from the likes of H&M and Gap, it's hard to imagine a world where we're not just lapping up cheap, disposable fast fashion. 

But that's exactly what the Ellen macArthur Foundation is doing. 

Launched in collaboration with sustainable fashion icon Stella McCartney, the report sets out four main ways to create "the new textiles economy' 

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