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Shaw Floors Adds Enhancements to Digital Marketing

Retailers can now create and save templates to use when responding to reviews from the dashboard. This will help with creating recommended or approved responses for team members to use, saving time and ensuring consistency of responses. Retailers can also link social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to monitor all activity on their pages in real time from one location; track activity and customer sentiment by region with geo-fencing; and measure customer engagement metrics over time. 

Several new features have already been rolled out in 2017, with more updates to come in 2018. New features include more color options, new website templates, a social media editor and new employee editor. 

At the begining of 2017, several templates were limited to color scheme options. Now, each template has over 20 scheme options and some have over 30, increasing the ability for retailers to customize their website. The platform has also added two new website templates. 

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