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CarpetCycle Claim's Top Ceiling Tile Recycler of 2018

CarpetCycle was recently recognized by Armstrong World Industries as being their Top Ceiling Tile Collector for 2017. This is not the first time we have won similar awards for our work with acoustical ceiling tile recycling. Year after year we strive to keep acoustical ceiling tiles out of the landfill and by working with Armstrong since 2007 we have successfully diverted millions of pounds of ceiling tile to Armstrong’s recycling plants where it was “close loop” recycled into new product.

This hasn’t been easy, many companies and contractors seem to be stuck in the old ways of sending everything from a demo space to the landfill, where it tends to sit for a very long time potentially leaching pollution into the environment. However there is a better way, as we tell anyone willing to listen, ceiling tile recycling is fast, efficient and easy.

Over the years one of the largest sources of material for recycling carpet and ceiling tiles has been large commercial projects. CarpetCycle has proven time and again even on the most time sensitive large scale projects, removing ceiling tiles and carpet before hard demo allows significant savings both in time and cost.





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