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Milliken Continues Progress Towards Sustainability

Milliken & Company's Specialty Interiors recently announced that it has joined the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) and is being honored by Unifi as a REPREVE Champion of Sustainability

"Milliken's focus on natural, recycled and easily recyclable materials is part of our overall sustainability journey to improve product design, manufacturing and sourcing practices." said Jenifer Harmom (VP of Milliken Speciatly Interiors)

The Unifi REPREVE Champions of Sustainability awards celebrate Unifi's brand and textile partners that share in its commitment to sustainability and vision for a better tomorrow. 

In keeping with its belief that sustainability is closely linked to health and safety, Milliken also recently announced that it has become a founding member of the Well Living Lba, a collaborative research initiative led by Delos and Mayo Clinic dedicated to studying the impacts of our indoor environmentas on health and wellness. 

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