Quiet-Tech: Eco-Friendly Acoustic Insulation

CarpetCycle's newest venture is one we are very excited about. Quiet-Tech Insulation provides a great way to acheive 'closed loop' recycling

What is Quiet-Tech?

Quiet-Tech is an acoustic batt insulation made of 85-90% post-consumer recycled materials. Class A Fire rated, and UL Greenguard Gold Certified and completely free of formaldehyde. This Eco-friendly product works as a acoustic and thermal insulator for interior walls & partitions.

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Available Widths; 16" & 24"

Available Thickness; 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5"


Sustainability & Circular Economy

Go Green! We've been recycling carpets since 1999. After several years of product development we now are able to 'close the recycling loop'. Quiet-Tech Insulation is made with 85-90% post consumer recycled materials. 

Local Manufacturing less than 10 miles outside of New York City which is where we source our post consumer materials from. 
Construction waste materials account for more than 40% of landfill space. Carpeting can be a cumbersome material that is difficult to recycle, and national recycling rates for carpet are low.

Quiet-Tech Insulation's durable design ensures longevity for performance standards, and is easily recycled into new product material.


Performance & Benefits

Quiet-Tech Insulation offers soundproofing capabilities that help reduce two types of noise:

  1. Sound Transmissions between walls: Quiet-Tech can decrease noise from room to room by up to 50%
  2. Sound Absorbtion of 95% and is a very effective product for sound dampening rooms.


Health & Safety

  1. Completely safe to breathe and touch. Will not cause skin or lung irritation.
  2. Class A Fire rated. Post consumer polyester and cotton materials in Quiet-Tech help stop flame development.
  3. Will not promote the the growth of mold or mildew. Product can be dryed after moisture sorption in open air environment
  4. No addhessives needed. Quiet-Tech can help improve air quality by limiting formaldehydes/VOCs usage.
  5. Excessive Noise can lead to health risks such as; sleep deprivation, anxiety and even cardiovascular disease! Quiet-Tech sound attenuation batts can help limit these effects.


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3rd Party Certifications

Quiet-Tech HPD

UL Greenguard Gold - Quiet-Tech 2016-2017

UL Greenguard Gold - Quiet-Tech  2017-2018

Double Green Certified 2019

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold 2019

Compliance Testing

  • ASTM C518 (Thermal Conductivity: R-Value (2") 6.7)
  • ASTM E84 (Surface Burning Characteristics; Class A)
  • ASTM C1338 (Resistant to Mold and Mildew: Passed)
  • ASTM C167-15 (Dimensional Tolerance: Passed)
  • ASTM C1304-08 (Odor Emission: Passed)
  • ASTM E970-17 (Critical Radiant Flux Gas: Passed)

Acoustical Performance Testing

  • STC (Sound Transmission Class) : ASTM E90-09
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) : ASTM C423 or ASTM E795


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