Sustainability & The Circular Economy


CarpetCycle has been one of the nation's leaders for recycling carpets since our inception in 1999. Today markets for processed recycled fibers are down due to the low cost of 'virgin' materials. These poor markets necesitated the need for innovation, and Quiet-Tech is our solution. After years of development and research Quiet-Tech now provides an outlet for where our recycled carpet fibers can be reused. 


Quiet-Tech's feedstock is sustainably sourced from post-consumer carpet and cotton clothing, most of which is reclaimed by CarpetCycle from the New York City area. This acoustic insulation product helps divert materials from landfill space, thus helping preserve our environment through landfill diversion.


Locally sourcing our feedstock is a great practice that helps minmize the amounts of carbon emissions, which are at a all time high due to globalization and internation shipping. Reducing the environmental impact is just one of Quiet-Tech's sustainable aspects.


Quiet-Tech insulation manufacturing takes place in New Jersey, only 10 miles outside of New York City. This helps create jobs for our locally community and provides an optimal location to help service the New York City area, which CarpetCycle has been operating in since 1999. The insulalation is manufactured with ~85-90% post consumer carpet and cotton clothing. 

Material Health

Insulation products have a long history of being unsafe. Quiet-Tech achieves a Class A Fire ratings without the use of any hazardous chemicals or compounds. Our acoustic insulation product is UL Greenguard Gold certified for ultra-low emissions. This product is much safer for both installers and the building occupants.