Ceiling Tiles

Full Reclamation Service

The vast majority of acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT) can be close loop recycled. CarpetCycle is regularly the nation’s top collector for post-consumer ceiling tiles. We provide full-service labor to reclaim ceiling tiles from commercial buildings. This reclamation service is cost neutral compared to traditional landfill and demolition fees.

Our team has the knowledge, equipment, and skills to remove, separate and aggregate ACT according to the ever-evolving standards for recycling. The small percentage of ACT which cannot be recycled will be downcycled through our process.

Haul Away Service

Acoustic ceiling tiles cannot be co-mingled with other demolition debris. Utilize our company's haul away services for your next renovation project. Our fleet will come directly to your project to reclaim ceiling tiles for recycling, rather than discarding materials to landfill. We can provide pallets, equipment and instructions required for ACT recycling. And we have the expertise to help your project get pre-approved before you schedule the first pickup. Email infor@carpetcycle.com today for more information.