Welcome to CarpetCycle, LLC. We are the regional leader in post consumer carpet collection and recycling. CarpetCycle offers cost effective solutions for the removal, collection, tear-out contracting and recycling of post consumer carpet. With more than 2.5 million tons of carpet discarded each year and landfill capacity declining, there is a social necessity and responsibility to recycle and reuse carpet. In addition to reducing the burden on landfills, carpet recycling and reuse provides other benefits.

CarpetCycle was recently featured in Crain's New York, where founder Sean Ragiel discussed the growth and expansion of the carpet recycling industry.

Carpet is a petroleum-based product. It is estimated that carpet recycling programs can save more than 700,000 barrels of oil per year, conserving 4.4 trillion BTUs of energy. Energy savings translate into reduced pollutants as well, minimizing air and greenhouse gas emissions. CarpetCycle's objective is to provide economic and sustainable solutions to post consumer carpet generators.

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CARE: Carpet America Recovery Effort

CarpetCycle is creating reuse and recycling solutions for post consumer carpet and carpet cushion.