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February 2017
A Waste Free NYC
February 2017
Recycling Food Waste Could Save UK Billions
January 2017
IoT and Smart City Trends Boost Smart Waste Collection
December 2016
Clean & Green: The New Energy of Choice
December 2016
India to Halt All Coal Plant Construction by 2022
December 2016
Feeding Seaweed to Livestock Can Cut Down Pollution to Atmosphere
December 2016
5 Reasons why companies can't afford to keep driving deforestation
December 2016
CarpetCycle Introduces Quiet-Tech Insulation Batts for Acoustic and Thermal insulation in Commercial Buildings’ Walls and Ceilings
December 2016
Can These Blue Bags Help Chicago Boost Its Sad Recycling Rate
November 2016
Steady Growth Anticipated for Aluminium
November 2016
Elon Musk Wins Shareholder Vote to Merge Tesla with SolarCity
November 2016
Aruba Commits to 100% Renewable Energy
November 2016
Past This Absurd Election and Toward the Sustainable City
October 2016
Tesla's Stunning New Solar Roof Tiles for Homes
October 2016
Is Recycled Plastic Waste the Road Material of the Future?
October 2016
NGR Pyrolysis Business to Add Value to More Plastics Recycling
October 2016
The Plurality of "The Next Big Thing"
October 2016
Two of the Nation's Dirtiest Coal Plants To Retire
October 2016
Typhoon-Powered Japan
October 2016
Study Supports Growth and Importance of Green Building
October 2016
Now That Bees Are Endangered, The Rest Is Up To US
October 2016
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Even Worse Than We Feared
September 2016
It Isn't Easy Being (Profitably) Green. How Waste Management is Rethinking Recycle
September 2016
Textile Fiber Waste & Using Sustainable Materials
September 2016
Quiet Tech Insulation
January 2016
July 2015
Armstrong Names CarpetCycle 2014 Ceiling Recycler of the Year in the United States. For the 3rd year in a row...
May 2015
For Green Cleaning, CarpetCycle Recommends our Partner Total Quality Management
February 2015
Carpet Diem : CarpetCycle thriving by recycling a product most throw away
June 2014
CarpetCycle Celebrates 15 Years on the Job
November 2013
SL Green Partners with CarpetCycle to Recycle Another 164,000 SF of Carpet
March 2013
New Life for Old Carpet
October 2012
Knowledge is Power: CarpetCycle Offers Environmental Education to Reduce Building Footprints
May 2012
NJ Patch: leading Carpet Recycler Moves to Newark
May 2012
CarpetCycle Opens Northeast's Largest Facility
April 2012
Leading Carpet Recycler Finds New Ways to Divert Flooring from Landfills
March 2012
CarpetCycle Opens Doors to New Facility in Newark, N.J.
February 2012
Mississauga: CarpetCycle Canada: Region Says Recycle That Old Carpet
October 2011
Floor Daily Interview with Sean Ragiel
July 2010
Crain’s NY Business: Entrepreneurs make a clean break
May 2008
Press of Atlantic City: Galloway Township, NJ - Carpet recycling gains traction in region
December 2007
CarpetCycle partners with Senator Joe Addabbo for the 3rd Recycling Day
November 2007
Atlantic County Recycles: Atlantic County, NJ Kicks Off Carpet Recycling Program
August 2007
CarpetCycle awarded a 250,000 sq foot carpet recycling project
August 2007
CarpetCycle Expands Recycling Capabilities with New Baler
May 2007
Burlington County Regional Recycling Program: Carpet Recycling Comes of Age in Burlington County, NJ

CarpetCycle: The Next Step Toward a Greener Tomorrow

Did you know in the United States alone, an estimated four-billion tons of carpet enters the waste stream each year?

As landfill capacity continues to decline, it’s clear there is a social necessity and responsibility to recycle and reuse carpet – an effort that has the power to not only positively impact our environment by minimizing greenhouse gases and conserving valuable energy, but our economy by creating green jobs and reducing waste management tax rates incurred by improper carpet disposal.

That’s why our mission at CarpetCycle is a simple one: find uses for post-consumer carpet and divert a valuable
non-degradable, non-renewable resource from landfills. Since our inception in Dover, N.J., in 1999 , we’ve propelled this mission by providing commercial building owners/operators, developers, property managers, carpet retailers, installers and home owners services  to safely remove, collect and recycle commercial and residential carpet and post-consumer building materials (including ceiling tiles, gypsum wallboard, fluorescent lights and VCT floor tile).

Today, more than 200-million pounds of diverted carpet later, we continue to prove the true meaning of green building at our new, 55,000-square foot hallmark facility in Newark, N.J. Servicing the Eastern Seaboard from Washington, D.C. to Maine, we look forward to taking our mission to the next level with innovative recycling technologies to preserve the future of our planet.  

Partner with us to make an environmental difference by calling 973-732-4858, emailing a member of our executive team or visiting us in person. We look forward to hearing from you – and working together – to create a greener tomorrow, today.

CarpetCycle (Google Map)
16 Herbert Street
Newark, NJ 07105
Phone- (973)732-4858

Hours of Operation: 

Mon. – Fri: 6am - 2:30pm (warehouse) / 9am - 5pm (Office)